Mon 09 May 2016

New Code of Practice for Management of Infrastructure in Road Reserves:

VicRoads advise that the new version of the Code of Practice for Management of Infrastructure in Road Reserves (the Code) has been made by the Minister for Roads and Road Safety and published in the Victoria Government Gazette (No. S 117 Thursday 28 April 2016).

The new Code, which commences on Thursday 28 April 2016, follows a review by VicRoads, in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders (including the Infrastructure Reference Panel and a Steering Group initiated by the Civil Standards Coordination Group).  The review included the release of a Consultation Draft of the revised Code for comment in December 2014.

What is the major change to the Code?

The most significant change to the current version of the Code relates to:

Allocation of standard utility space in road reserves – incorporates a new Appendix 1 into the Code to provide guidance on:

  • coordinating the location and installation of utility services in road reserves, primarily in new ‘greenfield’ urban development areas.
  • applying a set of key principles and a planning process to coordinate the positioning, integrity and safety of non-road infrastructure in road reserves.
  • providing for the planting of street trees to ensure the amenity and liveability of neighbourhoods and streets.
  • conducting early and ongoing consultation between the relevant parties, especially in circumstances where variations to the standard space allocations are required due to site specific features or changes in urban design and sustainability strategies.
  • locating utility services in accordance with a number of worked examples that apply to a range of road categories and classifications in ‘greenfield’ development scenarios.

A copy of the Code, which replaces the previous 2008 version (No. S 269 Monday 6 October 2008), may be obtained via the following link – CLICK HERE

The Code will also be available on the VicRoads webpage at (select ‘Acts, regulations & policies’ under the About VicRoads tab).

Information on the Code, including the review process and the key changes made, is provided in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document – CLICK HERE