Media Release: 15 JULY 2020

The Building and Construction Industry Working Group met again and endorsed a new version, V5, of the Guidelines for immediate release to industry members.

Please find a link below of the Media Release, new version 5 guidelines together with a self-explanatory note identifying the major changes since the version 4 release.

Guidelines for mask and temperature testing click here
Full Guidelines for industry click here

Over the next week, Employer Associations and Unions will jointly encourage the entire industry to wear masks in certain activities and undertake temperature testing on sites where practicable.

Like everyone else in our community, the message for everyone in our industry, whether they be a worker, a supervisor, a manger or owner, now is the time to re-group and strengthen the measures to keep COVID-19 off sites.

The building and construction industry is the backbone of our economy and we will continue to work with the State Government to keep the hundreds of business viable and the many thousands of workers employed.

to view the full media release please click here