Fri 12 Dec 2014

New Gooseneck Connection Policy for Platform Trailers With Up To 12 Axles:

VicRoads has established a new policy in Victoria in regards to operators obtaining a single trip permit to tow a platform trailer using a gooseneck coupling connected to a prime mover and operating with up to 12 lines of axles on the trailer.

Recent advances in heavy vehicle technology, including the use of higher tensile steels and a greater emphasis on computer simulations, mean that trailers with gooseneck connections are now far more stable than they were in the past.

Consequently, operators can obtain a permit for travel on suitable specified routes at specified axle mass limits provided that:

  • the coupling is a height adjustable gooseneck so that the platform can be made level prior to the commencement of travel
  • all axles on the platform trailer load share
  • the trailer does not exceed the operating specifications set by the manufacturers in regard to maximum loads, speed and the amount of row that can be safely connected to the gooseneck connection
  • the laden trailer mass is not be towed in excess of 70 km/h
  • the gooseneck/platform configuration is arranged in a three-point connection.

A tandem-axle dolly, fitted between the prime mover and the gooseneck trailer, may also be used.

For more information on the details of towing a platform trailer with up to 12 lines of axles using a gooseneck connection please go to the VicRoads website, and download the fact sheet.