As previously reported to CCF members in our recent CCF Connect e-news, from 30 October 2019 businesses must only use licensed labour hire providers or providers who have applied for a licence before 30 October 2019 and have not been refused, or face major penalties.  As a labour hire “Host”, your business will be prohibited from using unlicensed labour hire providers from this date.

Before engaging a labour hire provider, “Hosts” can find the lists of licence applications, provisionally granted licences and granted licenses through the following links or on the Labour Hire Authority home page

Register of Licensed Labour Hire Providers

Applications provisionally granted

Labour hire application public register

“Hosts” will fall into the category of ‘interested persons’ who can make an objection to a licence being issued to an applicant.   “Hosts” can be assured that licensed providers have been assessed in relation to their compliance with a range of relevant State and Commonwealth laws and whether they are a fit and proper person to hold a labour hire licence.  However, “Hosts” are reminded that under Victorian occupational health and safety laws, they are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe work environment at their workplace for all workers which includes labour hire workers.  For more information visit WorkSafe Victoria.

“Hosts will be prohibited from using an unlicensed labour hire provider, and “Hosts” doing so will be exposed to significant fines, with a maximum penalty exceeding $500,000.  There are also significant penalties for clients including “Hosts” who seek to enter arrangements with suppliers aimed at avoiding or circumventing obligations that would otherwise be imposed by the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018 on the client, supplier or someone else.  Avoidance arrangements must be reported to the Labour Hire Authority.

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