Wed 01 Apr 2015

NHVR Industry Update – Easter Travel Restrictions:

Over the Easter holiday period New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria have travel restrictions for agricultural, oversize/overmass and special purpose vehicles.

New South Wales:
As set out in various Class 1 notices, the following restrictions apply for agricultural, load carrying and special purpose vehicles. Please click below.

Please note there are certain exemptions that apply as per the new notices section below.

For vehicles operating under the Guideline for Excess Dimension – vehicles carrying indivisible articles, special purpose vehicles and vehicles that require pilot or escort in Queensland, Form 4, Version 8, February 2013 Section 10.5 outlines the following Easter travel restrictions.

  • 10.5 Easter restrictions
  • 10.5.1 No movement throughout Queensland, of an oversize vehicle or combination, from Thursday before Easter to the Tuesday after Easter inclusive.
  • 10.5.2 Despite subsection 10.5.1 a special purpose vehicle up to 3.5m in width is permitted to travel during the Easter restrictions provided travel is not on any highway, motorway, or freeway, and the vehicle is traveling to and from a job site.

Please note there are certain exemptions that apply as per the new notices section below.

Public holiday (Good Friday and Easter Monday) travel restrictions apply as per the travel conditions outlined in your Class 1 oversize/overmass permit.

Vehicle Dimensions Over 3.5m wide and/or 25.0m long

  • Melbourne & Geelong urban areas Monday – Friday (not public holidays): 9:00am-4:00pm, 6:30pm–sunset, 1:00am-6:00am
  • Melbourne & Geelong urban areas Saturday, Sunday & public holidays:1:00am-sunset
  • Rural Areas: Sunrise-sunset
  • Freeways: Sunrise to sunset, except for 4:00pm to sunset on public holidays and the day before a holiday period and the last day of a holiday period.

New Notices:

Queensland class 1 heavy vehicle Easter curfew derestriction dimension exemption (notice) 2015 (no. 1) – legally required to be carried by drivers of heavy vehicles operating under this notice.

Exempts class 1 vehicles travelling for a use associated with cotton harvesting in Queensland, from restrictions upon travelling on certain roads during the Easter period.

For more information:

Visit or call 1300 MYNHVR (1300 696 487). Otherwise contact CCF Victoria direct on (03) 9822 0900.