Wed 09 Dec 2015

Ongoing Over Dimensional Delays:

CCF Victoria together with three prominent members in the over dimensional freight environment have met with VicRoads Chief Operating Officer; Peter Todd, to work on resolving the issues causing these untenable permit delays.

Whilst the recently introduced Load Envelope Scheme Permit Policy (5m x 5m x 30m x up to 100 tonnes with dolly) has removed much of the pressure on “ordinary permits, those requiring Bridge Assessments have blown out dramatically over recent months.

Whilst the outcomes of the discussion were positive, it is evident that the recommended improvements for the same matters that we raised  some three months had not been quickly implemented in order to offset the typical “end of year rush”.

The concerns of both CCF and its effected members has now been acknowledged at the highest levels of VicRoads, and a series of actions have taken place or are about to take place.

CLICK HERE to access an extract from the response provided by Peter Todd, to CCF.