Thu 16 Feb 2017

Expression of Interests open for installation of road safety barriers for VicRoads:

An opportunity has arisen for CCF Vic Members in regards to the installation of safety barriers across nine of Victoria’s highways (approximately 1,700km of flexible safety barrier).

As part of the Transport Accident Commission and VicRoads’ initiative, Safe System Road Infrastructure Program (SSRIP), these barriers will be installed on both roadside and median strips and will form part of the treatment of high risk roads using a Safe Systems approach.

Late last year, VicRoads held an initial market briefing for safety barrier installers currently prequalified by VicRoads. CLICK HERE to view the presentation provided at this briefing for your reference and to provide you with greater detail and context surrounding this opportunity.

VicRoads intend to hold a second and more detailed market briefing around the end of February 2017, and would like to extend the opportunity to CCF Victoria Members.

To participate in this opportunity requires your company to be prequalified by VicRoads for the installation of safety barriers.  More specifically, companies must  be prequalified in Guard Fence (G2-GF), a sub-category of the Maintenance and General Works prequalification. Details regarding the process for prequalification can be viewed on the VicRoads website here.

Should you have any questions, please email

Please note: As this opportunity will be subject to competitive process,  VicRoads are required to capture any questions and answers provided during this process and make the same information available to all potential respondents.