Wed 11 Oct 2017

Media Release – Peak Civil Construction body welcomes ABCC appointment:

Australia’s peak employer body representing the Civil Construction industry has welcomed the appointment of Cathy Cato and her commencement as Acting Australian Building and Construction Commissioner.

Civil Contractors Federation National CEO Chris Melham said: “Cathy’s prior experience as Deputy Commissioner Operations and Code at the ABCC, her 20 years of experience as a lawyer, and her more recent roles within the ABCC and its predecessor agency put her in good stead to continue the good work of the ABCC”.

“The CCF continues to support the work of the ABCC in promoting an improved workplace relations framework to ensure that building work is carried out fairly, efficiently and productively for the benefit of all building industry participants”, Melham said.

The workers on our construction sites will feel safer knowing they can turn up for work each day and concentrate on the job at hand without the pressures of militants inappropriately or illegally interfering on sites.

“Our construction sites should not be used as political arenas for militants to push their case. Issues of significance should be addressed through proper due process – in this case, through the Australian Building and Construction Commission, the Fair Work Commission, and/or the Courts”, Melham said.

The recent penalty decisions handed down by the Federal Court in relation to conduct on the Barangaroo site in Sydney vindicate the importance of the ABCC in continuing to ensure that law prevails in the building and construction industry.

For further information: Mr Chris Melham
Chief Executive Officer (National)
Telephone: (02) 6273 8312