Mon 18 Aug 2014

Communication from Powercor:

To Developers and CIAW Option 2 Contractors.

It is timely that CitiPower and Powercor confirm some current and ongoing Audit and Compliance processes for Customer Initiated Augmentation Works (CIAW),  especially when the Developer chooses Option 2.

Since 29/11/2013 the CIAW Option 2 final audit has been completed by CitiPower and Powercor internal audit resources. Through this process (utilising internal audit resources) CitiPower and Powercor identified a significant number of non-compliances and this was in some instances delaying the issue of Statement of Compliances for Developers. To facilitate the progress of these projects to get Statement of Compliance (SoC), CitiPower and Powercor introduced an interim “Dispensation process” for projects that were commenced prior to 1/12/2013. This interim process allowed Developers and their contractorsa transition period to address their project management and quality control to achieve compliant projects in the future.

As advised in the June 2014 CIAW communication, this interim Dispensation process has now been closed. As such, all non-compliances identified during a Final audit will have to be addressed before an approved Final audit report will be issued.

Powercor will continue to classify items found during a Final audit as major or minor non compliances and observations. How these will be managed and the impact on Final Audit reports was communicated on 12/2/2014.


Final audit has been completed and there are no non-compliances. An approved Final Audit report will be issued.

Conditional Pass:

Minor items have been identified and it is felt that these could be easily and quickly addressed. The PM2 is given one week to address and provide evidence of the rectification. This avoids the re-audit time and costs. If confirmation that non-compliances have been addressed is not been received within a week, a “not approved” audit report will be issued and a re-audit will be required.

Not Approved audit report and re-audit required:

Final audit completed and there are major and/or minor non compliances that need to be corrected and re-audited. There may also be a concern that the non-compliances identified during the initial sample audit may apply across the project. It is the Developers responsibility to verify this and correct any non-compliances before applying for a re-audit. The re-audit will verify that previous non compliances have been addressed and also carry out additional sample inspections to confirm compliance.

In some instances non-compliances have been able to be addressed during the audit and this is noted on the Final audit report. CitiPower and Powercor have no objection to this if they are isolated incidents. However, Developers and contractors are reminded that Final audits are not a “find and fix” exercise. The auditors availability to wait onsite is also limited due to other commitments.

It is also important to highlight that some of the non-compliances identified during a Final audit have initiated at the Design Stage. i.e. There was inadequate clearance or depth etc. provided when the project was designed. CitiPower and Powercor reiterate that it is the Developers’ responsibility to confirm these clearances are possible before construction. 3D modelling is one tool that could also be utilised to co-ordinate all asset clearances before construction commences.

Any queries on Technical Standards should be directed to the Developers nominated Electrical Designer (recognised by CitiPower and Powercor) who has access to the CitiPower and Powercor Technical Standards. If the Electrical Designer has a query on a Technical Standard it can be referred to the Technical Standards via A response will be provided within 7 days.

In extenuating circumstances a situation may arise where it is extremely difficult to comply with Technical Standards. In these situations the Developer though the PM2 may submit a detailed explanation and request a variation to the Customer Projects Advisor (CPA). The CPA will forward this to the Manager Network Compliancefor consideration.

If you have any queries in relation to the details of the communication above, please feel free to contact Powercor Audit and Compliance Manager, Peter J Malone on (03) 5240 7514 or email