Wed 01 Jul 2015

Powercor/Citipower Permit to Work Delays:

A number of CCF Members have raised concerns at the significant delays they are experiencing in obtaining “Permits to Work” (in close proximity to electrical assets) from Powercor/Citipower citing that within the last 18 months, delays have blown out from around 5 days to now up to six weeks.

As a result CCF’s John Stewart has recently met with the new Manager in charge of Permits and Asset Relocation; Joe Mravljak to bring about improvement in this situation. The particular points raised were:

  1. The very considerable delays impacting contractors seeking permits to work in close proximity to Powercor/Citipower assets.
  2. The fact that the delay time frame had exploded out from 4-7 working days to now in excess of 5 weeks.
  3. The issues that impacted contractors facing these delays and the associated costs incurred by them in project delays, potential for their clients to apply liquidated damages for delayed works, the costs associated with moving workers from one project to another to offset the permit time delays.
  4. The uncertainty for contractors of knowing (or being able to ascertain easily) what stage their permit application was at and how long it would be before it was granted.
  5. The consideration of asset relocations and the separate issues causing both cost and program/cost uncertainty resulting from this necessary activity.

In response Mr Mravljak has advised that Powercor/Citipower was conscious of the delays and was taking steps to engage additional resources to speed up site inspections, reviewing their internal arrangements that triggered the need for inspections, and were seeking to identify ways in which enquiries from contractors on permit application progress could be accurately relayed.

Mr Mravljak has further advised that CCF’s concerns are being elevated to the senior management level of Powercor/Citipower on 25 June, 2015 to endeavour to fast track solutions.

Mr Mravljak asked that we advise Members that positive progress has been made with our concerns, and that Members should be seeing improvement in processing timeframes in the immediate future.

John Stewart will continue to advocate on Members’ behalf for ongoing improvement in the permit process, and will inform Members as improvement is made.

Members are welcome to contact CCF CEO John Stewart if they have urgent issues with permit delays on (03) 9822 0900.