Wed 20 Feb 2019

Incolink Launches Skin Checks Program

Protecting workers protects business

Sun exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer so it’s no surprise that Australia has one of the highest incidences of skin cancer in the world. Statistically, almost seventy per cent of us will be affected by the disease by the time we reach 70, and those who work outdoors are especially at risk.

In a recent Incolink health and wellbeing survey of worker and employer members, Incolink asked which OH&S services would most benefit the industry and 70 per cent of respondents requested on site Skin Checks.

For workers in the building and construction industry, being out in the elements is par for the course. For employers, there is both a duty of care and a solid business case for providing a safe workplace that offers wide-ranging UV protections to their workers. Taking preventative measures is not just about avoiding sunburn — it demonstrably saves lives.

So, what can employers do to safeguard their workers?

Incolink has partnered with mobile dermatology practice Skin Patrol to roll out the Incolink Skin Checks program across Victorian building sites. The program promotes the sun smart message while also providing full body skin checks to workers on site. The good news for Incolink employer members is that 50% of cost of the Skin Checks is subsidised by Incolink.

Getting a Skin Check for your workers is easy.

On site checks – Incolink come to you as the Skin Checks are delivered on your site, minimising downtime for you and your workers.

Special Incolink rate – Incolink funds 50% of the cost for Incolink members ensuring that you can protect your workers.

On site project manager – Incolink supplies an experienced project manager on site who ensures the process runs smoothly and disruption to site operations is kept to a minimum.

Delivered by doctors – Our Skin Checks doctors have extensive experience in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. All suspicious spots are digitally mapped and imaged using a specially developed teledermatology solution so they can be monitored in the future.

Follow Up – Every Skin Check includes analysis by an offsite dermatologist if any suspicious lesions are found by our doctors – no referral needed, no waiting period and no out of pocket expenses.

Incolink has been providing health and wellbeing services to the Victorian construction industry for 30 years. To learn more about Incolink Skin Checks, visit or contact David Cronin on 03 9668 3067.