Wed 06 May 2015

Request for Contractor Representatives engaged in Road and Drainage Works on Subdivisions:

CCF Members involved in the construction of residential subdivisions in Growth Areas Councils are invited to nominate representatives (ideally two or three from this sector) to assist in the review and finalisation of Standard Specifications for road and drainage works.

The Growth Areas Councils are setting up a sub committee to develop a Standard Specification for Road and Drainage Works on Subdivisions. To ensure there is balance of approach and an element of “buildable” practicality to this committee, it has been agreed that contractors need to be involved in its outputs.

It is anticipated that whilst the ultimate specifications will be based on the VicRoads’ specification (with the options and tables within the specification template completed for subdivision type works), there needs to be a strong effort made to ensure councils do not proceed with the tendency to “Gold Plate” the specification beyond an economical “fit for purpose” approach.

It is intended to limit the work of this committee to the specification of materials and work standards. It will not cover contractual issues (General Conditions of Contracts) between the developer and the contractor or “other” authority’s works unless they impact on roads and drainage.

Would Members please advise John Stewart (CEO of CCF Victoria) of their interest in being involved in this important work by contacting him directly on (03) 9822 0900 or email