Wed 01 Jul 2015

Road Management (Works and Infrastructure) Regulations 2015:

The new Road Management (Works and Infrastructure) Regulations 2015 were made and came into operation on 20 June, 2015 following completion of a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) process.

These Regulations replace the previous Road Management (Works and Infrastructure) Regulations 2005 which expired on 21 June, 2015 in accordance with the Subordinate Legislation Act 1994.

Following a review by VicRoads of all submissions received, and taking into consideration the extensive consultation with both the Infrastructure Reference Panel and a Working Group (comprising a wide range of road authority, utility, public transport and relevant government agency stakeholders, and convened by an independent Chair) specifically established by the Panel to review the previous regulations, the Minister for Roads and Road Safety has decided that the proposed Regulations as included in the RIS should be made, save for minor and technical amendments. These amendments have been made for the purpose of drafting consistency, to correct a cross reference and to revoke two sets of amending regulations that are now redundant.

A copy of the Road Management (Works and Infrastructure) Regulations 2015 may be obtained by CLICKING HERE.

A copy of the Regulations, together with the analysis of all submissions received (the ‘statement of reasons’), will also be available on the VicRoads webpage (from 22 June, 2015) at (select ‘Acts and regulations’ under the About VicRoads tab) or email: