Heavy vehicle operators will have access to 1500 additional routes when planning a journey, with extra functionality added to the mapping system on the NHVR Portal.

NHVR Chairman Duncan Gay told today’s 2019 NatRoad Conference that a growing number of National Notices and access to pre-approved routes were improving heavy vehicle access across Australia.

“I want to continue to grow the number of ways we allow more efficient and safe access to the network and reduce the time it takes to receive an access permit,” Mr Gay said.

“We’ll continue to roll out this feature for more than 2000 pre-approved routes across Australia, and operators can now plan their journey using this additional information in the NHVR Portal.”

“Pre-approvals eliminate the need for individual road manager consents for agreed routes, allowing councils to get low-risk applications on their way, so they can focus resources on more complex applications.”

The NHVR processed almost 60,000 permits to access state and local roads across 400 road managers, utility providers and rail authorities last year.

Mr Gay said work was ongoing with state and local road authorities to improve processing times and reduce the number of permits required by operators.

“Most local governments understand the benefits that efficient heavy vehicle movements will have to their economies,” he said.

“The addition of the recent National Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle & Combination Notice and National Class 2 Heavy Vehicle B-double Notice has also reduced the need for permits.”

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