Wed 08 Nov 2017

South East Water – Manage Developer Works via PropertyConnect

South East Water’s (SEW) SWIFT system has been in place since 2003 and is being replaced to continue to support customer needs and keep up with changing technology. Important update notifications have been forwarded to the Industry & information sessions, advising of the upcoming changes have been held by South East Water.

The changes will streamline processes and provide support to better manage developer works.

SEW have developed our new Manage Developer Works system which will be made available shortly under the Land Development section via the PropertyConnect page, making developer activities now available in the one location.

Contractors will have read access to the Manage Developer Works system for all projects they are involved with and will be able to access this through their current PropertyConnect logins or by registering via PropertyConnect.

Further to industry feedback received, some of the key changes and benefits of the new Manage Developer Works system which will impact Contractors include the following:

Key changes include:
  • Access via PropertyConnect  – This will be available on South East Waters website
  • Self-managed administration – Contractors will be able to add & remove staff within their business to view their project details
  • Integration with the ARCUS system – This will include a list of Contractors & Consultants who are accredited to undertake land development project works
  • Developer Representatives may add additional job components – Greater flexibility to project manage changes that may occur during construction of works
Key features & benefits include:
  • Enhanced search functionality More flexibility in searching for your specific projects
  • Project dashboard & status snapshot A quick guide on where the land development project you are working on is at
  • Online forms – Removal of hardcopy forms required to be signed & submitted by Consultants to South East Water. Online dispensation requests can now be lodged and approved dispensations able to be viewed
  • Able to lodge live sewer forms at any stageGreater ability for Consultants to request live sewer entry when required
  • Access to Acceptance of Works & Certificate of Completion Certificates – Contractors will be able to view & access project certificates.

Additional notifications will be sent to the Industry prior to SEW’s Manage Developer Works system launch.

For any enquiries, please contact Luciano Giannone on 9552 3251.