Wed 30 Aug 2017

Survey on ‘Appropriate Scoping of Infrastructure Projects in Australia’:

The Civil Contractors Federation is supporting Infrastructure Australia in conducting a short industry survey to measure the perception of industry professionals on whether infrastructure projects in Australia are appropriately scoped.

This survey is part of a research study to ascertain whether infrastructure projects in Australia are generally considered to be ‘appropriately engineered’, ‘over-engineered’ or ‘under-engineered’.

Infrastructure Australia and the Civil Contractors Federation will be most grateful for your assistance with this research project by completing this survey. We expect the survey to take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Survey responses are confidential and individual responses will not be identifiable or attributable.

The survey is accessible until 13th September 2017 and can be accessed… CLICK HERE

Your contribution to this project will build the knowledge base for this important aspect of infrastructure provision in Australia and could help to improve the delivery of future projects of national significance.