Wed 03 Jun 2015

Tenders go digital for Melbourne Water:

Melbourne Water is phasing out the use of its tender box in favour of an electronic form of submissions that is supported by the Victorian Government’s tendering website.

A new procedure is being written that will be published shortly on our Planning & Building website. Briefly the new procedure will require contractors to be registered on the Tenders VIC website if they wish to submit tenders.

Prior to tendering, Melbourne Water’s Procurement team (Glenn Duxson) will require the Consultant to forward some basic information about the project and the proposed closing day and time for tenders. Once the tenders have been lodged, Melbourne Water will retrieve the tenders from the website and record the names and cost of each tender before forwarding the tenders onto the Consultant for assessment. Depending on the size, the tenders will either be emailed back to the Consultant or be saved and forwarded on a USB device.

Developers and Consultants will be informed during the design phase of the project if the tenders are to be lodged in this manner. We anticipate that the tender box will be phased out completely by 30 June.

Projects estimated to cost less than $450,000 may continue to be tendered through the Developer’s or Consultant’s tendering process as outlined in Section 3.7 of Melbourne Water’s Planning & Building website.

Please contact Ken O’Neill on 9679 7442 or if you have any questions.