As an RTO, Civil Train’s training and resources are regularly audited to ensure compliance with AQTF requirements.

Statement of Fees 2018 – (TOID 3704)

As per the Victorian Training Guarantee program, an eligible individual can undertake a maximum of two Government subsidised (funded) courses at any given time in a calendar year.  Additional eligibility criteria must be met to access the funding.  To check on eligibility, contact Civil Train Victoria on (03) 9588 7600 or by emailing to

Indicative Fees and Charges for 2018:

  • CCF price list is valid until 31/12/2018.
  • Student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.
  • Administration and material fees are none refundable and must be paid in advance.
  • A pre-training review is conducted for every learner upon enrolment, where they will be required to undergo a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LL&N) test, to help determine the appropriate level of entry to their chosen program.  Learners may be recommended to enrol in an entry level foundation course to help prepare and progress through the higher level of study.
  • Contact (03) 9588 7600 to enquire about payment terms, eligibility to access Government funding and other available options.

Should a refund be required, further details on our refunds policy can be obtained by contacting Civil Train Victoria on (03) 9588 7600 or by emailing to

Statement of Fees 2018 – CLICK HERE

Additional Fees or Chargers:

Item  Fees/Chargers:

  • Tuition Fee                 $250.00 (maximum)
  • Administration Fee     Cert III = $175.00/Cert IV = $125 per annum
  • Material Fee               Cert III = $325.00/Cert IV = $615 per annum
  • Re-Issue Qualification Certificate/Copy           $50.00
  • Learning Material replacement                        $50.00 – $100.00 dependant on unit of competency

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the acknowledgement of skills and knowledge that may have been obtained outside the formal education and training system.

RPL can be granted when a provider gives recognition to a person for part of a course, or the whole course, without having to do the study for that course. This is because the person is able to show that they have already undertaken the learning, through previous experience that can include work and life experience, paid or volunteer work, or have developed the competencies in the workplace.

RPL recognises any prior knowledge and experience and measures it against the qualification in which the RPL candidates are enrolled.

The fee for an RPL assessment is not set by the government but is determined by individual providers. It is not subject to concessions. RPL may be government funded or charged on a fee for service basis. The fees for RPL may vary because the assessments are different for each applicant and some take much more time than others.


For more information about RPL, please contact Civil Train direct on (03) 9588 7600 or email