RIICWD503D Prepare a Work Zone Traffic Management Plan – 2 Day Course

This unit covers the preparation, documentation and completion of work zone traffic management plans in Civil Construction. It includes planning for the preparation, undertaking of the preparation, finalisation of the preparation processes and supporting the application of the preparation.

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What topics does the course cover?

The course will cover the following steps in the preparation of a work zone traffic management plan.
Plan for the Preparation of Work Zone Traffic Management Plans, Undertake the Work Zone Traffic Management Plan Preparation, Finalise Preparation Processes of the Work Zone Traffic Management Plan, and Support and Review the Application of the Work Zone Traffic Management Plan.


Whilst there are no specific pre-requisites for this unit of competence, it must be understood that it is expected that candidates undertaking this course would have experience and knowledge of the following:

  • Risk assessment and management requirements and procedures.
  • Statutory compliance requirements and procedures.
  • Occupational health and safety requirements and procedures.
  • Environmental management requirements and procedures.
  • Cultural and heritage requirements and procedures.
  • Quality management requirements and procedures.
  • Communication requirements and procedures.
  • Australian and other relevant standards requirements and procedures.
  • Industry and organisational design procedures and practice.
  • Principles of road user behaviour.
  • Current industry best practice.
  • Traffic management plan options.
  • Traffic management plan geometric requirements.
  • Potential hazards, constraints and conditions that may affect traffic management plan design and implementation.
  • Current industry best practice in traffic management plan design and implementation.
  • Techniques for choosing preferred options.
  • Team leadership techniques.
  • Operational techniques required for the execution of traffic management plan implementation tasks.
  • Traffic management plan implementation structures capabilities.
  • Cost estimation techniques.
  • Design review principles and procedures.
  • Documentation requirements.
  • Reporting requirements and procedures.
  • Design approval requirements and procedures.
  • Design records filing requirements and procedures.
  • Performance review requirements and procedures.
  • Systems close out requirements and procedures.

What will you get out of it?

This is a Diploma level unit and as such it has the scope, depth and complexity covering planning and initiation of alternative approaches to skills or knowledge applications across a broad range of technical and/or management requirements, evaluation and co-ordination.

Who should attend?

This course is appropriate for those working in a management role or as a technical specialist, preparing and documenting work zone traffic management plans within the civil construction industry.

Venue & Time

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