Wed 24 Jan 2018

Version 5.10 of the Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) has been released:

Version 5.10 of the IDM was released for public use on the 11 January 2018. The release of this version was based upon the following changes since the release of version 5.01 in January 2017:

  • Adoption of the Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines, after a separate public consultation process
  • Release of the latest version of Australian Rainfall and Runoff
  • Review of Clause 24 Landscaping
  • Insertion of unsealed paths clause-see clause 13.4
  • Various minor wording changes.

There is no change to the Standard Drawings at this stage. CLICK HERE to download the latest newsletter from the Association which includes an article on the release of V5.10 of the IDM and V1.0 of the Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines.