Wed 16 May 2018

VicRoads’ Road Delivery Function to be moved to Coordinator General’s Office:

Update from Roads Australia Insider Magazine – 9 May 2018

In another shake-up of responsibilities within the Victorian transport bureaucracy, the delivery of all major road projects is to be moved from VicRoads to a new authority within the Office of the Coordinator General from July 1.

The move is in line with the shift of all public transport major projects to the Office of the Coordinator General over recent years.

The Office of the Coordinator General, under Corey Hannett, was created to solely focus on Victoria’s Big Build infrastructure program, currently being delivered by unprecedented government investment to improve infrastructure across the State.

The move progresses the Government’s strategy of having a transport project delivery arm that delivers transformational major projects on time and on budget, allowing transport operators to focus on the planning and running of the transport network.

This model has already been successfully adopted by Public Transport Victoria and V/Line, whose focus is now on operating the rail network, customer journeys and planning, while the Office of the Coordinator General delivers major rail projects.

VicRoads is dedicated to connecting communities and getting Victorians to and from their destinations safely and reliably. Last week, Regional Roads Victoria was announced as a new division of VicRoads to focus on planning, maintaining and advocating for the regional road network.

Regional Roads Victoria will be based in Ballarat from September and bring together VicRoads’ five regional offices and the Safe System Road Infrastructure Program under a new Chief Regional Roads Officer. It will focus on safety, maintenance, freight, tourism and economic prosperity and will continue to grow strong relationships with our communities and stakeholders to ensure our work reflects their needs and aspirations.

VicRoads will continue to manage congestion and improve reliability across Melbourne’s road network and manage the registration of more than six million vehicles, the control of 10 million licences and maintain Victoria’s 25,000km of arterial road network.

The Major Projects Division will officially begin operating as Major Road Projects Authority, under the Office of the Coordinator General, on July 1.

Meantime, the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) has been renamed as Rail Projects Victoria (RPV).

This follows the announcement by the Victorian Government that RPV will be investigating options for, and subsequently developing and delivering, a high-speed rail link between Melbourne and Geelong, as part of planning work for a future rail link to Melbourne Airport.

MMRA was established in early 2015 to lead the delivery of the $11 billion Metro Tunnel Project. In November 2016, the Victorian Government announced that MMRA would also lead delivery of the Ballarat Line Upgrade. That role has since expanded to include the entire scope of the $1.7 billion Regional Rail Revival program.

RPV remains overseen by the Office of the Coordinator General, within the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.