Wed 25 Mar 2015

VicRoads  – Work Site Safety Update:

In this edition of the Work Site Safety Update from VicRoads, the following topics are discussed…

  • Short Term Fieldwork, Road Inspection

Short term works include tasks that are undertaken from moving vehicles, can be conducted in gaps in the traffic flow or works which take place at one location for no
more than one work shift. Unless TMAs or Shadow vehicles are deployed there is usually no physical protection provided.

  • Engineering Controls to Prevent Contact with Powerlines

Contacts with overhead power lines have resulted in electrocution of personnel involved. Mobile earthmoving plant capable of encroaching into the No Go Zone and making contact with the conductors is frequently involved. This is the reason that work near energised electrical installations or services is prescribed high risk construction work and why WorkSafe have produced their Handbook for Using Earthmoving Equipment near Overhead Electrical Assets and other Guidance Publications.

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