Mon 09 May 2016

VicRoads Zero’s in on OH&S for Victorian Contractors:

CCF Victoria recently received communication from VicRoads announcing that as part of its ongoing initiative to assist in preventing serious injury and death to Victoria’s public and road workers, that it would be working closely with the road and bridge construction/maintenance industry in 2016 to reduce on site incidents.

Many initiatives have and are being implemented by VicRoads including the issue of VicRoads Chief Executive Safety Directive in 2014 which outlined clear responsibilities to its staff when unsafe work practices are observed. This Directive and its intent was announced and promoted widely across the industry through direct written contact and a number of contractor safety forums across the state.

As such, VicRoads plans to improve its monitoring, assessment and reporting of contractor performance, including safety performance, and will take appropriate action where unsafe practices or an undesirable safety culture are identified. Such action can involve immediately suspending a contractors work on-site or suspending a contractors pre-qualification status. VicRoads has issued stop work orders on a number of occasions and recently suspended a road and bridge construction contractor’s pre-qual status for a period of 3 month commencing in April, 2016 due to a number of unsatisfactory health and safety concerns.

If you have any concerns about your own OH&S practices or would like to speak to someone about reviewing them, contact our OH&S Field Officer Lucinda Bourke on (03) 9822 0900 or