Thanks to the efforts of every Victorian, we are now in the Last Step of the Roadmap for reopening.

Victorian businesses continue to play an important role in keeping our state safe and open. 

As part of your COVIDSafe Plan, recording the contact details of everyone who attends your workplace or venue for more than 15 minutes (including staff) supports contact tracing.  

The Victorian Government’s QR Code Service makes record keeping simple.

It’s free and easy to use.

  1. Register your business.
  2. Download, print and display your QR code.
  3. Get customers to check in by scanning the code with the camera or QR code reader on their smart phone.

How does the Victorian Government QR code work? 

Customers scan the QR code and enter their contact details. The data is securely stored on Service Victoria servers which means businesses don’t have to store the data themselves.

If a person with coronavirus (COVID-19) has visited your venue or workplace, contact tracers will be able to quickly contact everyone who may have been exposed, which helps slow the spread of the virus.  Data is only stored for 28 days and only accessed if there is a positive case of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Victorian Government QR code service is not mandatory and hospitality businesses may continue to use, or choose to use, another QR code system.

Stay safe and stay open

Every business that is open must have a COVIDSafe Plan and follow the six COVIDsafe principles to help keep customers, employees and our community safe. 

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Thank you for your continued commitment to staying safe and staying open.