Fri 08 Aug 2014

Water Infrastructure Backfill Specification:

CCF’s claims that the implementation of this specification will add considerably to the costs of sewer and some water infrastructure construction are now coming home to roost with actual increases averaging 8%-10%.

Having worked through the issues with the authors of this specification, CCF, the Association of Land Development Engineers (ALDE) and the Urban Development Institute (UDIA) have become very frustrated at the seeming lack of understanding shown by those Metropolitan Water retailers that are insisting on its implementation.

From CCF, ALDE and UDIA’s perspective, this specification while probably justified in some circumstances, is simply a vast overkill remedy on a trench subsidence issue that occurs on very few occasions given the number of kilometres of water infrastructure that is installed each year.

CCF, ALDE and UDIA have formally complained to the three metropolitan Water Companies about the inappropriate implementation of this specification, insisting on its withdrawal until such time as it is revised and its application agreed.

It should be noted that South East Water and Yarra Valley Water while in some ways supportive of the specification are yet to fully implement it.

For more information, please contact CCF Victoria on (03) 9822 0900.