Fri 20 Apr 2018

Working to combat rising energy issues for the Civil Industry:

Aussie NRG recently met with both the Federal and State governments to discuss some of the issues currently being faced in the energy industry.

Among their concerns were:

  • Retailers failing to implement signed metering contracts when the customer has found a cheaper option elsewhere.
  • Retailers are not sending through meter data despite the majority of customers having fully automated smart meters.
  • Customers are unaware of unfair contract terms, such as the conditional buffer of 10% that penalises businesses that consume 10% more or less than their contracted amount. Disincentivising business to significantly reduce energy consumption.

As such, they discussed preparing case studies that outline the possible market failure on behalf of the energy retailers and presenting this to the government. The government is keen to make a difference and potentially change the laws if needed.

If you would like to provide specific, real-world examples of some of these issues by identifying areas where your business may have suffered rising costs or unfair behaviour from energy market participants, please contact Marcus Haas at or phone 1300 440 224.