Thu 27 Aug 2015

Working Underground and Reporting Leaking Fuel Tanks:

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is tackling the issue of underground petroleum/fuel leaks. Leaking underground fuel tanks result in unleaded petrol, diesel and oil leaching into the soil and groundwater.

With over 1400 service stations located throughout Victoria, EPA urges you and your workers to be aware of the signs of potentially leaking tanks and to report any such instances to EPA.

To help your ‘underground’ workers understand what signs to look for and what and how to report, EPA has created this flyer – CLICK HERE.

EPA recommends that you include a copy in any packs or project management paperwork your staff who work underground may take out on site. Companies are also encouraged to display the flyer in site offices or lunch rooms.

If you think the information in this flyer could be conveyed better in other formats (e.g. poster, sticker, etc), please provide your feedback to EPA HERE.