Wed 09 Mar 2016

Vic Roads Worksite Safety Report – February 2016:

Please see below for the latest Safety Report from VicRoads for February involving incidents with minor injuries and near misses (no injury but still an incident).

This months report includes underground service strikes involving earth digging machinery that had controls in place (such as DBYD) and service locating permits, however methods of proving were limited e.g. lack of Hydro proving, (a method using high pressure water and vacuum to reveal actual service) which is the preferred method.

Other incidents included Mobile plant collisions involving runaway trucks, handbrakes not being applied or maintenance issues where the trucks collided with other vehicles onsite (again no injury but a very serious incident never the less).

Further incidents were reported that saw a trend in grinder issues, faulty switched leading to cuts, and sparks igniting fires.

Also a number of compliance audits revealed a gap in site risk management, including site SWMS not identifying certain hazards and risks in the area of traffic management i.e. reversing hazards where traffic control vehicles had limited or no clear field of view while reversing, leaving a major risk of severe injuries. Note: This was revealed in a previous alert where a site surveyor was struck by a reversing traffic control vehicle).


For more information about the content found in this report, contact CCF OH&S Officer Lucinda Bourke on (03) 9822 0900 or email