Tue 05 May 2015

WorkSafe Update: Registration of No Go Zone Spotters:

This week, Steve Darnley from WorkSafe’s Construction Practices Unit discusses the registration requirements for No Go Zone spotters.

Recently, a number of unregistered people have been discovered acting or proposing to act as No Go Zone spotters for earth-moving equipment working near overhead power lines. All No Go Zone spotters need to be registered with EnergySafe Victoria (ESV) and hold an ESV spotter’s registration card before they undertake spotting duties. Spotters are only allowed to spot for the type of powered mobile plant listed on their ESV registration card.

However, if the person has completed the required training, has the relevant first aid and plant operation qualifications necessary for ESV registration (listed below), and has applied for registration, they can undertake spotting prior to being issued a registration card. If spotting prior to receiving an ESV registration card, there needs to be proof readily available of training and relevant qualifications, plus an application in process for ESV registration.

ESV registration is valid for three years, and to retain their registration, the spotter needs to undertake a “Spotters Refresher” training course. To be eligible for spotter registration with ESV, a person needs to…

  • Successfully complete the training course “Workplace Spotting for Service Assets” at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO); and
  • Hold and maintain First Aid Level 2 (with current CPR).

They also need to have one or more of the following qualifications…

  • Mobile plant operator’s qualification (e.g. high risk work licence, operator’s ticket or certificate of competency); or
  • Dogman or rigger high risk work licence; or
  • Successfully complete the Civil Construction Federation training “Assessment for Spotters” for civil construction workers who are not plant operators.

Applications for spotter registration are made on behalf of the trainee by the RTO which delivered the Spotting training. The RTO can only apply for registration if the trainee also has the required First Aid and plant operation qualifications listed above.

No Go Zones:

The following No Go Zone Awareness training course is now available: Working Safely Near Overhead and Underground Assets (No. 22195 VIC). This course is accredited by the Victorian Qualifications Authority (VQA).

People wanting to obtain this training should contact the training division of CCF, Civil Train on (03) 9822 0900. 


We encourage all CCF Members to use their training vouchers as part of their Membership with us. These vouchers offer Members a discount of $100 off any scheduled training course offered with CCF Victoria.

Note: Vouchers are valid until 31 August, 2015.

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