Wed 18 May 2016

Yarra Valley Water’s Field Activity Notifications (FAN) Mobile System:

As you are aware Yarra Valley Water’s Access Permits were replaced by the Field Activity Notifications (FAN) in November 2015. YVW have now streamlined the system so it is easier and quicker to use.

You can now activate a FAN on your mobile:

You can now activate a FAN online anywhere at any time using your smart phone, tablet or laptop. This means no more phone calls to activate a FAN.

Deactivating and extending FANs – available soon on your mobile:

Please continue to call us on 9872 1373 to deactivate and extend a FAN as we are currently updating the system to include these functionalities. We will contact you when these become available:

Deactivating a FAN end April 2016
Extending a FAN end May 2016

Valid work orders are required:

Please note you must have a valid work order to use the mobile FAN system.

If you don’t have a current work order, please contact your contract/project manager who will work with you to create the necessary work orders.

Using the mobile system to activate a FAN:

  • First you will need to set up an account online – CLICK HERE
  • Activating a FAN is a two step process – CLICK HERE.

When you have successfully activated a FAN, this message will show on the screen of your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

You will still receive an SMS:

  • Confirming the FAN has been activated.
  • Advising any errors in the activation submitted.

Tips for using the mobile FAN system:

  • Ensure you have internet access when you’re out in the field
  • Select the ‘remember me’ option so you don’t have to add your email address each time
  • Keep your password simple – there are no restrictions on passwords
  • Create a shortcut on your smart phone, tablet or laptop – check with your phone manufacturer for assistance.
  • Read the FAN fact sheet for more information about Yarra Valley Water’s FAN process

If you don’t have internet access in the field:

If you don’t have internet access when you’re out in the field, please continue to call our friendly staff on (03) 9872 1373.

For more information:

If you experience any system issues, please contact us at or CLICK HERE to download the FAN Fact Sheet.