CCF Victoria Board

The CCF Victoria Board is comprised of some of Victoria’s most experienced and respected specialists in the Civil Construction Industry.

  • CCF Victoria President

    Antony Damiani

  • CCF Victoria Vice President

    Khaled Elagha

  • CCF Victoria Secretary/Treasurer

    John Plumridge

  • CCF Victoria Board Member

    Anthony Caligiuri

  • CCF Victoria Board Member

    Steve Traicevski

  • CCF Victoria Board Member

    Jay Miller

  • CCF Victoria Board Member

    Dom Modric

Chief Executive Officer – Lisa Kinross

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Lisa Kinross

Executive Management Team

The CCF Victoria Executive Management Team is comprised of highly experienced professionals, each specialists in their respective areas, working together to the benefit of our Members and the industry at large.

  • Executive Manager – Education & Industry Capability

    Lyndal Ellement

  • Executive Manager – Policy & Communications

    Simon Mossman

  • Executive Manager – Industry Engagement & Member Services

    Annie Kessell

  • Executive Assistant to CEO & Corporate Services

    Nicky Di Marco

Our Corporate Services Team

The Corporate Services Team consists of highly skilled individuals, each specialising in their respective areas, collaborating to optimise our corporate services for the benefit of the organisation and the industry as a whole.

  • Office Administrator

    Brodyn Kemish

  • Project Officer

    Linda Murray

  • Corporate Services & Accounts Officer

    Luke Pywell

Our Industry Engagement & Member Services Team

The CCF Victoria Industry Engagement and Member team enhances collaboration and innovation in civil construction through stakeholder partnerships and knowledge sharing.

  • Membership Service Advisor (East)

    Gary Black

  • Membership Services Officer

    Juanita Farrington

  • Events Coordinator

    Sally Stewart

  • HSEQ Advisor

    Geoff Reynolds

Our Policy & Communications Team

The Policy & Communications Team is comprised of highly experienced individuals, each specialising in their respective areas, working collaboratively to advance our policies and communication strategies for the benefit of our organisation and the broader industry.

  • Digital Media & System Optimization Officer

    Joshua Kinross

  • Marketing & Communications Lead

    Susanna Rossetto

  • Marketing & Events Assistant

    Nathan Lee

Our Education & Industry Capability Team

The CCF Victoria Education & Industry Capability Team ensures effective skills development, seamless service provision, and continuous improvement within an organisation.

  • Workforce Capability and Careers Lead

    Faye Doherty

  • Trainers Team Leader

    Joe Napoli

  • RTO Relationships Lead

    Marika Fanariotis

  • Industry Trainer

    Peter McEvoy

  • Industry Trainer

    Mark Lindsay

  • Project Coordinator, Capability & Compliance

    Sarani Ricks

  • Industry Trainer

    Adam Carlyon

  • RTO Admin & Finance

    Dipal Patel

  • RTO Compliance & Analytics Administrator

    Renjith Mathew

  • RTO Administrator

    Cicelia Pham

  • Industry Trainer

    Charlie Richards