Being a CCF Member gives you a voice at all levels of the industry. CCF is actively engaged with the three tiers of Government, including relevant departments and agencies, in formulating policies and reform. We are working to optimise efficiency, and reduce the costs of civil infrastructure construction and asset renewal, to achieve positive outcomes for both Victoria and the industry.

CCF has direct access to key industry decision makers, including Ministers, Shadow Ministers and Department heads. We give our members a seat at the table, to have their voices heard in the pursuit of delivering improved systems, processes and productivity within the industry.

Critical to positioning the industry to meet future infrastructure demand and to support long term social and economic growth in our communities, are the following reform policy pillars:

1. Infrastructure Investment and Funding
2. Efficient, Equitable & Competitive Procurement
3. Skill Development and Training
4. Industrial Relations
5. Protecting & Enhancing the Viability of Civil Industry Businesses.

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic and restrictions being enforced by Federal and State Governments, CCF’s advocacy work has never been more important to ensure civil construction remains an “essential service” and that construction sites continue to be “open for business.”

CCF is recommending the adoption of 5 key measures to maximise the economic impact of governments’ infrastructure spend and to boost the productive capacity of the civil infrastructure sector:

Measure 1 – Bring forward infrastructure spending
CCF encourages governments to bring forward spending from their infrastructure programs and accelerate shovel ready projects across all civil sectors, including road, rail, bridges, utilities, drainage and telecommunications.

Measure 2 – Disaggregation of large projects
Major projects should be disaggregated where possible to encourage expressions of interest from tier 2 and tier 3 companies, and that project allocation be spread across all jurisdictions to ensure widespread community benefits are realised from the stimulus spend.

Measure 3 – Debt funding to increase infrastructure investment
CCF is encouraging Governments to increase their level of infrastructure investment by using debt funding for productive infrastructure to stimulate the economy both during and after this economic crisis whilst interest rates are at historically low levels.

Measure 4 – Streamlined procurement processes
Procurement agencies should simplify their procurement processes where possible and work more closely with civil construction companies via collaborative contract arrangements.

Measure 5 – Maximise capacity of the civil construction sector
Build on the civil construction sectors significant capacity to tender for additional infrastructure projects and a subsequent employ more workers if governments rolled out additional project funding.

Find out more or provide feedback

To find out more about CCF Victoria’s Advocacy work and policies, or to provide feedback about an issue affecting your business, contact the CCF VIC Branch on 0395887600 or email