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Infrastructure & Access

The members of the CCF feel a great obligation in delivering the critical infrastructure needed to effectively and efficiently support all aspects of Australian society. Delivering that infrastructure in a timely and cost-effective manner is part of the obligation and responsibility. Invariably, many of our members have Government at all levels as major clients.

The CCF is actively engaged with the three tiers of Government, its departments and agencies, in formulating policies and reform to optimise efficiency and cost reductions of public civil infrastructure construction and asset renewal to achieve positive outcomes for both Victoria and the civil construction industry.

CCF has direct access to key industry decision makers, including Ministers, Shadow Ministers, and Department heads, with the aim of providing our members with “a voice” in ultimately delivering improved systems, processes, greater efficiencies and productivity within the industry.

CCF VIC’s Key Policy Principles include:

  • Maintenance of strong government spending
  • Investment in skills development and training
  • Efficient, competitive and equitable procurement
  • Appropriate licensing requirements
  • The reduction of red tape, regulation and taxation
  • Appropriate work health and safety regulation
  • Sensible and practical environmental regulation
  • Fair and equitable employment and workplace relations

Policy Positions

CCF VIC has established policy positions on a wide range of issues that affect the civil construction industry including:

  • Procurement and prequalification
  • Appropriate building and planning regulation
  • Future infrastructure requirements
  • Works compensation
  • Training policy
  • Employment and workplace relations
  • Work health and safety
  • Environmental legislation and regulation

Current Areas of Priority

Key areas of focus for our work are seeking reform in current public procurement practices and processes, including better planning of projects, improving industry feedback mechanisms and participation in government tenders and lifting government procurement capability.

  1. Optimising the management and renewal of the state’s public civil infrastructure assets.
  2. Reforming public infrastructure procurement process so there is consistency and
  3. standardisation of procurement systems, processes and their application across all levels of government.
  4. Ensuring that civil infrastructure project designs are to a standard that will allow tendering outcomes and construction to deliver value for money.
  5. Develop and implement procurement training programs for public and private sector professionals to ensure adequate skills and capability levels for all civil infrastructure procurement staff.
  6. Ensuring a sustainable and competitive supply of quarried construction materials to underpin the delivery of affordable civil infrastructure.
  7. Addressing red-tape issues which impede the efficient delivery of civil infrastructure projects.
  8. Building “capacity and capability” in civil construction to meet and deliver the critical major infrastructure needs in this State.
Find out more or provide feedback

To find out more about CCF Victoria’s Advocacy work and policies, or to provide feedback about an issue affecting your business, contact the CCF VIC Branch on 0395887600 or email ccfvic@ccfvic.com.au