With origins dating back to 1943, CCF Members continue to provide construction and maintenance of the country’s infrastructure, including roads, bridges, pipelines, drainage, ports and utilities and play a vital role in the residential and commercial building industry by providing earthmoving and land development services that encompass the provision of power, water, communications and gas.

Our team is here to help you work for yourself but not by yourself. Being a member of CCF means you have access to the best industry advice and support available.

The CCF Team is focused on providing a meaningful and effective account management style of business partnership for our existing and future members, where issues are clearly identified and solutions delivered in a timely manner.

Our ongoing proactive contact schedule helps to ensure frequent and meaningful conversations with members in lieu of a reactionary model where calls from members were addressed as and when their challenges arise. We provide assistance and commercial guidance on a full range of industry issues, including workplace relations and skills development in concert with our RTO – CIVIL TRAIN.

This is complemented by the provision of professional skills across a range of targeted member services, advocacy to all three levels of government, industry representation, and access to innovative technologies with direct linkage to the full range of Associate Corporate Members who supply the full range of their higher cost consumables.

As a core part of CCF’s value offering to members, we deliver first-class assessment and consulting services, as and when the need arises across all activities engaged by civil contractors.

Those areas of speciality/focus include the following:

• Workplace Health and Safety
• Environmental Services
• Water Industry
• Workplace Relations and Human Resources
• Workplace Insurance and Workcover Management
• Business Insurance and Asset Protection
• Business Consulting Services
• Legal Consultancy

We are proud to be the difference between knowing and guessing the various dynamics that contribute to the civil construction segment while always continuing to deliver excellence, remaining focused on creating and maintaining a safe, efficient and sustainable long-term future for our members who have the obligation to deliver critical infrastructure in Victoria.

If you require any assistance or for more information, our dedicated team is ready to take your call.

Simply contact us on 1300 DIAL CCF or email support@ccfvic.com.au.