Lost your CCF Card or Certificate and need a re-print?

CCF Victoria are here to look after all your needs concerning your gained qualifications.

If you lose or misplace any of your cards or certificates issued by CCF Victoria, you can get them re-issued.

Need to transfer your CCF issued Red Industry Card to a White Card or need your Green Plant card re-printed?

If you hold a CCF issued Victorian Red card, we can lodge your request to WorkSafe on your behalf to transfer it over to the Work Cover White Card.

You MUST have completed your original training with CCF for your request to be processed.

NOTE:  Red cards are still valid in Victoria, but are not Nationally recognised. From July 2008, industry highly recommend that all Red cards be replaced with the White Card.

If you have a Green Plant Card, we can only re-print your exact original card. We cannot add any current plant tickets or add a re-issue date.

If you are unsure whether your qualifications were originally issued through us, just give the training team at CCF Victoria a quick call on (03) 9588 7600 or email civiltrain@ccfvic.com.au

Call (03) 9588 7600 for Certificate Reprints.