Learner Handbook Information

Civil Train Victoria is the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) of the Civil Contractors Federation – Victoria and was established with the aim of providing the civil construction industry with training that can assist a workforce to work productively, safely and to the quality standard required by the industry.

The Civil Train Victoria team is proud to welcome you to our training programs. We feel that we have in place an ideal learning environment and the quality of your experience with us will largely depend on your motivation and commitment.

Our team of trainers is fully qualified and experienced in the delivery of training and assessment for the Civil Construction Industry and will provide you with a variety of experiences and challenges that will enhance your employment opportunities.

Every training program you undertake with us will provide you with the opportunity through a mix of theory and practical skills training to develop your career path.

At Civil Train Victoria during your training, your rights and responsibilities are outlined. However, if you require and further information please ask a Civil Train Victoria team member.

We trust that you will find the time we share challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.

To download the Learner Handbook Information click here.


Contact the Civil Train Team on 03 9588 7600 for more information.