The Pathways program is a newly developed initiative by CCF Victoria, funded by the Victorian State Government through a recently awarded grant.

In June 2023, the Pathways program successfully commenced, with the goal of establishing a much-needed pipeline of talent by leading up to 120 women and First Nations participants on a career journey within the civil construction industry through employment placement and the completion of a recognised Apprenticeship.

The program is run by Civil Train (RTO ID: 3704), CCF Victoria’s registered training organisation, in conjunction with Group Training and First Nations organisational partners including Protech, Dream Path and Ripple Affect.


Through the completion of a “Job Safe, Job Ready” program, participants are trained in a range of areas including site induction, culture preparedness and life skills. They will then complete RII30920 Certificate III in Civil Construction Apprenticeship whilst at a work-based placement with a potential employer.
A ‘Buddy Program’ accompanies student participants progressing to placement locations to assist with their growth and development, also accompanied by a range of targeted support mechanisms that enhance retention. All program completions are guaranteed interviews.


Throughout the Program, employers will have access to an Employer Support Program as well as a Coach on Call to assist with the development of their Apprentices and useful tools that support supervisors and work crews. Each placement employer also has the opportunity to complete the Culture Preparedness program which will assist in aligning their training processes with the relevant skills suitable for their individual workplace.
The program is set to empower Employers throughout the entire Pathways journey and grants the potential to employ their Apprentice upon completion.


Throughout the entirety of the Pathways program, culture and the civil construction community comes together with the support of the state government and partnering organisations. From Apprentice to Employer, to broader industry partners – key relationships are formed and nurtured throughout the program journey in a variety of means including innovative real time technology.


The Pathways program bridges key knowledge and training gaps, with real world industry training and endless opportunities for students and employers alike to benefit from the program. Each participant will be job ready and employable (or employed) upon completion of the program. The program doesn’t just inject much needed pipeline that supports civil construction forecast growth, it shapes the careers of the individual participants, through its specialised training and partnerships. Pathways focus is to reshape the entire civil industry in Victoria as a whole with its wrap around products servicing all levels of workforce.


To register your interest today, please fill out our EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM.

Alternatively, please contact the CCF Victoria office at or  call (03) 9588 7600.

FOR PARTICIPANTS: You can download an information flyer about the Pathways program HERE.

FOR EMPLOYERS: You can download an information flyer about the Pathways program HERE.

The Pathways Program is a CCF Victoria and Victoria State Government Initiative