Limited Places Available – UP TO 3 $0 FEE Civil Short Courses
That’s right – accredited Civil Construction skills training is available to eligible candidates for $0

CCF Victoria is pleased to announce that in conjunction with the Victorian Government Dept. of Education & Training’s Skills For Economic Recovery Initiative, we are offering fully funded short course training to people looking to join or seek new work in the construction industry.

You may be eligible for funded (no cost) training for up to 3 of the following courses (eligibility criteria applies):

CONISS012 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (White card) (1 day)
– CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry
Usual Price: $155 (CCF Members) or $155 (non-members) – NOW $0!

Course Details
This is a formally accredited course developed to meet the requirements of the Victoria Workcover Authority (WorkSafe) as the statutory authority for administering the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017.
A nationally recognised course, CPCCWHS1001 Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White Card) is mandatory for all personnel who access construction sites, and meets the requirement of the OH&S Regulations 2017 for workers on constructions sites to be registered.

Topics Covered
– OH&S Legislative Requirements
– OH&S Communication and Reporting Processes
– OH&S Incident Response Procedures
– Construction Hazards and Control Measures

Who should attend?
This is a mandatory course for everyone who has to have access to a construction site/work site.

What qualifications does this offer?
After successful completion of the 1-day training and assessment, you will receive a Statement of Attainment (valid for 60 days). This Statement can be used as evidence of training for the purpose of accessing a construction site. Civil Train Victoria will then register you with WorkSafe, who will issue a nationally recognised Construction Induction (White Card).


CONISS014 Enter and work in confined spaces (2 Days)
– RIIWHS202E Enter and Work in Confined Spaces
Usual Price: $455 (CCF Members) or $500 (non-members) – NOW $0!

Course Details
Our nationally accredited RIIWHS202E Confined Space Entry course is designed to teach participants how to identify confined space hazards and work safely in confined spaces. This training course is designed for people who work in or around confined spaces or supervise those who may be required to issue confined space entry permits.
Participants will learn to complete hazard identifications, risk assessments and entry permits for Confined Space Operations. They will also learn to operate various confined space safety equipment.

Topics Covered
– Identifying Confined Spaces
– Hazard Identification
– Australian Standards & Relevant Legislation
– Roles & Responsibilities of Management & Employees
– Risk Assessments & Hierarchy of Hazard Controls
– Confined Space Work Permits
– Lockout & Tag Out Methods of Isolation
– Atmospheric Monitoring and Gas Detection
– Tripods & Fall Protective Equipment
– Practical Entry into a Confined Space
– Safety & Emergency Procedures

Who should attend?
This training course is designed for people who work in or around confined spaces.

What qualifications does this offer?
After successful completion of this two-day course, it is intended that people working in or near a confined space such as a storage tank, silo, sewer, sullage pit or similar structure are operating within a safe environment, ensuring the person understands the safety procedures and their responsibilities when working within a confined space environment. You will be issued with a statement of attainment for RIIWHS202D Confined Space Entry.


CONISS020 Traffic Management Skill Set (1 Day)
– RIIWHS205E Control Traffic with Stop/Slow Bat
– RIIWHS302E Implement Traffic Management Plan
Usual Price: $250 (CCF Members) or $330 (non-members) – NOW $0!

Course Details
This course is a comprehensive and instructive course that meets the national standards in traffic management training. It is delivered with Victorian centric content, but also includes information relevant for traffic control in other states & territories.
With specific guidance in the newly reviewed Road Safety (Traffic Management) Regulations and the Code of Practice Worksite Safety – Traffic Management, this training course meets the requirements and standards of the national units of competence.
Note: This course will require the completion of a third-party report to meet the assessment requirements as dictated by the national qualification guidelines.

Topics Covered
– Legislation relating to Victorian Road Act and Regulations
– Organisation and Site Requirements and Procedures
– Site & Equipment Safety
– Traffic Controlling
– Traffic Management Plans
– Traffic Control Signage & Barricades
– Radio Operations, Equipment Types
– Technical Capabilities & Limitations
– Operational and Maintenance Procedures for Equipment
– Site Isolation & Traffic Control Responsibilities and Authorities
– Stopping Distance and Vehicle Mass
– Quality Requirements
– Safe Work Method Statements

Who should attend?
This course is appropriate for those currently working in operational roles at sites within civil construction. Front Line Managers, Work Supervisors, Road Workers or any personnel who are responsible for, and/or involved in, the implementation of any traffic management system at a worksite and may control traffic with a stop/slow bat.

What qualifications does this offer?
After successful completion of the training and meeting all assessment criteria, you will be able to set up signs and devices according to Traffic Management Plans and direct traffic using a Stop/Slow Bat. You will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for RIIWHS205E and RIIWHS302E meeting VIC Roads accreditation.


CONISS021 Trenching and Shoring Skill Set (2 Days)
– RIICCM206E Support Plant Operations
– RIICCM210E Install Trench Support
– RIIRIS201E Conduct Local Risk Control
Usual Price: $470 (CCF Members) or $625 (non-members) – NOW $0!

Course Details
Designed to meet the national competency standards for installing trench support, this nationally accredited course provides practical training on trench shoring and safety. It also aims to satisfy the training requirements of State Regulations.
During the course, participants will be required to excavate and install primary ground support systems and physically demonstrate competency within a simulated/controlled trench environment using equipment provided.

Topics Covered
– Legislation and Code of Practice “Safety Precautions in Trenching Operations”
– Concepts of Trench Safety
– Trench Shields
– Battering
– Soldier Sets
– Closed Sheeting
– Trench Hazards (including ground conditions, services, property, etc)
– Roles & Responsibilities
– Notification and Record Keeping
– Development & Use of Safe Working Procedures
– Confined Space Entry Requirements (including atmospheric hazards)
– Plant Safety and Safety Equipment
– Interpretation of Rescue Procedures

Some of the protective systems covered in this course are:
– Sloping (sloping system)
– Benching (benching system)
– Shoring (shoring system)
– Shield (shield system)

Who should attend?
This course is appropriate for those working in an operational role at worksites within civil construction.
NOTE: You must bring a current Photo ID for verification and validation of identity.
If you do not have Photo ID you can obtain a Keypass by phoning 1300 304 614 or visit

Although not physically demanding, participants will be using equipment and performing activities that will require a reasonable level of fitness.

What qualifications does this offer?
Participants, if deemed competent, will be issued with a statement of attainment for the following units of competency:
RIICCM206E – Support Plant Operations
RIICCM210E – Install Trench Support
RIIRIS201E – Conduct Local Risk Control


Upcoming funded courses

– Course in Civil Construction Pathway
– Operate Elevated Work Platforms (up to 11m)

If you are interested in either of the above courses, you can submit an expression of interest via email to:


  1. Participants can take up to THREE Courses under the Civil Industry Skill Sets (CISS) funding.
  2. This offer does not include refresher courses for people who have already completed one of the above courses.
  3. Please refer to the Fees, Charges and Refund Policy.

To ENROL, click on the funded course (above) you wish to undertake and you will be directed to an Enrolment Form. Be sure not to opt out as this is a skills first funding initiative. Be sure not to skip any questions and select Construction Industry Skill Sets under Skills first program declaration.

  • Eligible individual must be an Australian Citizen, New Zealand Citizen or holder of a permanent Visa and have access to following:
    • USI Number
    • Green Medicare Card or other form of citizenship such as
    • Australian Birth Certificate, Current NZ Passport, Current Australian Passport, Australian Citizenship certificate etc
  • An individual may receive their Skills First entitlement for up to 3 construction industry skill sets.
  • To be eligible, individuals must not have not previously completed the Construction Industry Skill Set they are currently seeking to enrol in.
  • To check your eligibility please select a course and proceed with the enrolment process
  • These courses are not eligible for refresher programs, but initial placements only
  • No apprenticeship programs or traineeship programs can use this as part of their training plan units
  • No other courses other than those listed
  • There is no age limit (subject to industry standards).
  • Participation in the Construction Industry Skill Set will not otherwise impact future entitlement to funded training nor will it for future training be taken into account.

For more information, contact our team on 1300 DIAL CCF or email


This Skills For Economic Recovery Initiative can also be picked up as part of a group onsite training program (eligibility and consent will be required from each participant individually).  Other fees and charges for onsite training will be applicable.

For information regarding Onsite and group bookings. Contact us on 1300 DIAL CCF or email

CISS (CCF) Cancellation/rescheduling policy

Please refer to CCF Victoria’s Fees, Charges and Refund Policy

Enrolment and eligibility:

Students are required to provide eligibility documentation during enrolment. Should all required evidence is not received and complete for each participant at least 3 full business days prior to course commencement, normal course fees will apply and the $0 fee will not be applicable.

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