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The 2017-2018 Annual Wage Review

The Minimum Wage Panel of the Fair Work Commission recently handed down the 2017-2018 Annual Wage Review decision which provided for an increase to the minimum wage and award rates of 3.5% with effect from the first pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2018.

The increases are fully absorbable into over-award payments, unless the employer agrees otherwise or there is an enterprise agreement or contract of employment which prescribes that these increases are payable.

Under modern awards, allowances have been divided into two categories –those which are expense-related and which are to be adjusted on the basis of specified CPI movements and others which are expressed as a % of the standard rate which, in the case of the Building and Construction General On-Site Award2010, is the award base rate for a Construction Worker Level 3.

Calculation of Rates under the Building and Construction General On-Site Award 2010

Weekly (full-time and part-time) employees

Included in this update are the ordinary time rates for weekly (full-time and part-time) and casual employees and civil construction trainees and apprentices.

Clause 19.3 (b) of the award prescribes the following method for calculating all purpose rates for weekly employees: following calculation is performed to arrive at the actual weekly rate.

The hourly rate will be calculated by adding the amounts prescribed in:

  • Tool and employee protection allowance (Clause 20.1 of the award)
  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration industry allowances (Clause 21.11 of the award)
  • Electrician’s licence allowance (Clause 21.12 of the award)
  • In charge of plant allowance (Clause 21.13 of the award) and dividing the total by 38

Casual Employees

The addition of a 25% loading to the rate for weekly employees.

Effective from first pay period commencing on or after 1st July 2017

The actual rates prescribed in the table below include Special Allowance and Industry Allowance which apply to all weekly employees covered by the award but do not include tool and employee protection allowance, underground allowance, air conditioning industry and refrigeration industry allowances, electrician’s licence allowance or in charge of plant allowance. If an employee has an entitlement to any of these allowances, they need to be factored into the Actual Rate payable.

Building & Construction General On-Site Award 2010

Civil Construction Traineeships

Allowances & Special Rates

Various allowances and special rates could apply to employees in general or to some in specific circumstances. The following are the new rates for some of these allowances and special rates but members should look at the award for detail on their application and to see whether any other rates or allowances could have application.


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