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CCF represents the interests of members on a wide range of industry issues through participation in key Reference Groups and Standing Committees, where we actively engage with Government Departments and Agencies including:

1. Victorian Civil Construction Industry Alliance

Consisting of more than 20 industry groups, the Alliance provides a vehicle for Government to engage with a broad cross-section of the civil construction sector.

2. Victorian Skills Commissioner – Industry Advisory Group

This State Government initiative provides a structured way for industry, unions and employers to inform and engage with the VET training system in building the capacity and capability of the construction sectors to meet and deliver the critical infrastructure needs in Victoria .

By providing a stronger and more effective industry voice and by accessing the best possible insight into industry needs, the Civil Construction Industry Advisory Group (IAG) will:

  • Ensure barriers to providing training to meet industry demand can be identified and overcome;
  • Enable Government to address current and future skill shortages and workforce training needs, including the training needs of emerging industries;
  • Promote training pathways that lead to qualifications, jobs and skills development in the workforce;
  • Ensure the unique requirements of regional Victoria for quality training and skills are understood and supported;

CCF is a member of the Civil Construction IAG, which includes representatives from industry, unions and employers.

3. Worksafe – Foundations for Safety Victoria (FSV) Committee

Facilitated by Worksafe, the FSV Committee is aimed at reducing the construction industry’s incidents of deaths, injuries, and diseases to improve the level of compliance with OHS regulations and requirements on Victorian construction sites and work zones.

4. Civil Skills Cadetship (CSC) Working Group

CCF is committed to building the capacity and capability in the civil construction industry to meet the critical infrastructure needs for Victoria through collaborative partnerships and the delivery of market leading training and apprenticeship programs.

The CSC Program is an exciting new initiative, auspiced by the CCF, that will provide participants with foundation competencies, skills and work site experiences, ready to be employed as entry level workers in the civil industry. At the completion of the CSC Program, up to 120 participants will successfully complete all core units of the Certificate III in Civil Construction.

If your organisation would like to support the CSC Program by providing employment opportunities for participants, please contact us for further details.

5. Worksafe – Traffic Management, Noise & Confined Space, Prevention of Falls and High-Risk Construction Reference Committees

CCF is actively engaged in a number for industry Reference Committees, facilitated by Worksafe. These committees are designed to provide industry representatives with the opportunity to engage and influence the review and development of new OHS Regulations (2017) and to reflect modern work practices and compliance codes that are being updated to reflect these regulations. CCF has contributed to the review and introduction of new compliance codes covering:

  • Excavation and Demolition
  • Hazardous Manual Handling
  • Noise and Confined Spaces
  • Warning Devices on Powered Mobile Plant

6. EPA Business Reference Group

CCF is represented on this Reference Group that comprises other industry peak bodies such as VACC, MAV, VECCI, Ai Group, and others. We use this opportunity to keep abreast of EPA matters including policy and regulatory reviews. A key objective for CCF in participating in this forum is to ensure member / contractor specific environmental queries are raised, discussed and actioned.

7. Water Industry Liaison Committee (WILC)

Together with the 5 Metropolitan Retail Water Authorities (MRWA), CCF is actively engaged in this representative forum to address water industry policy, process, design and construction issues. The role of the Committee has evolved since its inception and there are a significant number of technical issues tabled at each meeting that warrant the attention and discussion of key stakeholders to review identified industry technical issues and provide technical response to referred Committee issues.

In order to enhance the Committee’s role in dealing with Industry technical issues, a new Technical Reference Group (TRG) is being established to provide comment on the following WILC issues, i.e:

  • Water industry design and construction standards and codes of practice;
  • Water industry technical training, competency and accreditation;
  • Areas of a Quality Assurance, OH&S, environmental significance;
  • The use of industry product, materials and support services.

8. VEDN Industry Representative Group & Vic Roads Utilities Contracts Committee

CCF is actively engaged with Vic Roads and VEDN suppliers providing advice to these relevant authorities regarding the impact works may have in the concept, preliminary, design and construction stage to consider options and minimise the nature of that impact.

9. LGIDA Technical Committee (Local Government)

The Local Government Infrastructure Design Association (LGIDA) and its accompanying EDCM Committee for emerging councils, is an incorporated association to:

  • Develop and maintain an authoritative and comprehensive standard for designing and constructing municipal infrastructure that is consistently used by a wide range of participating Councils and recognised in their planning schemes, and that commands the respect and confidence of all major stakeholders;
  • Provide credible and consistent advice to state government and statutory authorities on all matters relating to the provision of affordable and sustainable municipal infrastructure and development;
  • Encourage and promote innovation, research and development relevant to the design, construction, maintenance, evaluation and renewal of municipal infrastructure;
  • Provide a forum for industry practitioners to share their knowledge and experience and further their professional development by arranging courses, workshops and seminars; and
  • Develop and maintain strategic alliances with major stakeholders.

For more information on CCF’s Representation work, contact our team on 03 9588 7600.