Company Bio

Ilinden Paving Construction Pty Ltd is Victorian based and was established in 1995 as a family run business. In early 2009, the now Director, Alex Filiposki took over the company and has since grown the business significantly. With the help of the operations manager, together they are taking the business in a different direction, but still the same Ilinden you know and trust. Not only with a modern way of thinking, our commitment and persistent drive on improving, Ilinden Construction has built up a reputation with clients as being reliable, trustworthy, always on time with no compromise to quality and most importantly we are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees and others. Due to high demand for contractors in the local civil sector, Ilinden has taken the leap and steps in becoming certified and has now expanded in the Civil Construction sector. All in all, through the effective application of the quality system and complying to all legislative and regulatory requirements, our goal remains the same, not only to keep the trust of all clients, but to maintain high levels of client satisfaction and deliver complex projects with ease whilst keeping everyone and the environment safe in both our Kerb and Channel work and Civil Construction work.