Secure Jobs, Better Pay Amendments

Are you confused with all this talk on employment law changes? Then our FREE for members online HR Matters Secure Jobs, Better Pay Amendments, masterclass is for you. Join us online Wednesday 15th of March at 3:30pm for an action packed webinar covering the key changes, what they will mean for businesses, and practical tips on what you need to do now, and get prepared for!

Join us on our FREE webinar for members and $99 for non-members, on Wednesday 15 March at 3:30pm- 5:00pm with our CEO, Lisa Kinross, our internal IR expert, Nicole Walsh, and HR Consultant Peter Maguire from Ridgeline HR, to hear about what you need to be doing NOW and what you need to be preparing to do soon to deal with the changes.

It is important that you understand the timelines associated with these changes, the impacts on your business, and how to ensure compliance

The Secure Jobs, Better Pay Amendments impact several key areas of your HR and workforce management including:

  • fixed-term contracts,
  • flexible working,
  • unpaid parental leave
  • enterprise bargaining
  • gender equality in the workplace, including pay secrecy
  • sexual harassment
  • new entitlements i.e paid family and domestic violence leave

It is critical that employers are as prepared as possible and develop their HR/ IR plans accordingly to respond to this complex and every changing industrial relations landscape

If you have any questions relating to the Secure jobs, better pay amendments please submit any questions you may have to email and we’ll be happy to answer them during the webinar.