Consistent with DHHS Workplace Directions No 12, issued 6 December 2020 and as further informed by the Foundations for Safety Victoria, a number of significant changes have been incorporated to reflect COVIDSafe Summer restrictions.

The following are the major updates:

  1. Personnel Hoists/Lifts

Under COVIDSafe Summer restrictions, there are no longer any restrictions on the occupancy of hoists and lifts. However, the range of additional control measures to reduce the risk of exposure are maintained and recommended. Refer section 3.7.

  1. Face Masks

Workers are no longer required to wear a face mask when working physically distant from other workers, but must carry a face mask and wear it when physical distancing of 1.5 metres cannot be achieved. Refer section 3.8.

  1. Density Quotient

The total number of workers in areas at any one time, including in crib rooms, has been increased to 1 person per 2 sq metres (up from 4 sq metres). Refer section 3.9.

  1. Travelling in Vehicles

There is no longer any restriction on the number of persons occupying vehicles when travelling to work or travelling at work. However, as physical distancing cannot be achieved, face masks must be worn unless travelling alone. Refer Section 3.12.

  1. CALD Messaging

A new section has been added on the importance of and tools to issue general communication in ways that can be understood and observed by Culturally and Linguistic Diverse workers. Refer Section 3.13

Employers are advised to amend their Construction COVIDSafe Plans accordingly and as always, to consult with employees and their representatives in doing so. We anticipate that this version of the Guidelines will remain in place and apply well into the New Year.

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