Entries to this year’s Earth Awards are now open. Don’t miss the opportunity to enter your project! 

Once again, the CCF Victoria Earth Awards are coming together to form 2023’s most prestigious civil industry awards event, on Friday 1 September, 2023.

Why Enter the Awards?

The Earth Awards are an ideal opportunity to present your company’s capabilities to the industry, your clients and prospective clients. The Earth Awards is not about awarding prizes to projects. Rather, it is awarding excellence in project delivery.

Be recognised as a finalist or winner at state/territory and national levels for your company’s excellence in project delivery. The awards recognise civil construction companies who have excelled in:

•    Project & Construction Management
•    Innovation
•    People Development & Training
•    Quality
•    Safety
•    Environment
•    Stakeholders

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be assessed against the following criteria:
1.    Project & Construction Management (30%)
•    Project Planning & Management
•    Construction excellence and industry best practice
•    Technical complexities
•    Project timing/milestones and budgets.

2.    Innovation (20%)
•    Innovation concept and implementation.

3.    People Development & Training (10%)
•    Initiatives / Programmes / Recognition.

4.    Quality Management (10%)
•    Planning management and outcomes.

5.    Safety Management (10%)
•    Planning management and outcomes.

6.    Environmental Management (10%)
•    Planning management and outcomes.

7.    Stakeholder Management (10%)
•    Planning management and outcomes.


The Earth Awards are open to all Australian civil construction companies. Entries are welcome for projects involving either:
•    Single Contractors; or
•    Joint Entry; involving contractor/client/consultant/designer; or
•    Overseas aid projects – CCF Members only in the Asia/Pacific region (companies   entering such projects will be required to assist in travel costs for judging).

Payment Details:

Upon completion of the project submission and/or expression of interest CCF Victoria will send an invoice to the company 


To start your application, simply CLICK HERE to download our EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM, fill it out and email to events@ccfvic.com.au.

PROJECT ENTRIES/SUBMISSIONS must be lodged with CCF Victoria by 2nd June 2023.

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST must be lodged with CCF Victoria by 26th May 2023.