CCF supports banning the use of engineered stone and implementation of appropriate safety of other silicosis causing materials such as concrete, brick, rocks, cement dust and other silica containing material. The rates of silica disease in our civil construction and mining workforce Australia wide are truly alarming, and we must do better.

Silicosis in Construction… It’s not just found in engineered stone. ⁠

Did you know that crystalline silica is a natural mineral found in many construction materials, including concrete, bricks, tiles, and engineered stone? When these materials are mechanically processed, such as cutting or grinding they can generate dust particles small enough to be breathed into the lungs, leading to serious health conditions such as silicosis.⁠

If you work in construction or demolition, it’s important to be aware of the risks associated with exposure to crystalline silica. Check the safety data sheet or other information from the manufacturer or supplier to determine if a product contains this mineral. Remember, prevention is key to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.⁠

Research shows that 100,000 Australians are at risk of contracting silicosis at work. There is no cure for this disease, which can be fatal. CCF Victoria hosted a recent webinar in conjunction with WorkSafe Victoria and Greencap which explained risks, dangers and issues around working with crystalline silica. ⁠

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