10.30am Tuesday, 23 February 2021

To: CCF Victoria staff, members and stakeholders.

CCF & UDIA Joint Media Statement – From the CEO’s Desk

Good morning.

Following the recent snap 5-day circuit breaker lockdown imposed by the State Government, CCF Victoria (CCF) & Urban Development Institute Australia – Victoria Division (UDIA) made a joint submission to the State Government on the impact these actions had on our industry, in particular, Greenfield civil construction activities.  

In this submission, CCF & UDIA sought Government support to exclude all Green field civil construction worksites from any potential future shut downs under COVID-19, due to the nature of these settings and the importance the industry plays in supporting the State’s economy.  The purpose of the submission was to:

  • Seek a meeting with the Premier and the Treasurer to set out why we believe the Greenfield civil construction sites are well positioned to continue operating through a shutdown and to help avoid the confusion caused during the latest shutdown.
  • Invite Government Senior Advisers on a guided tour of a Greenfield civil construction site to demonstrate how COVIDSafe these sites are managed and practically demonstrate this;  
  • Ask that Government engage with CCF and UDIA in developing policies and strategies ahead of future outbreaks and develop clear staged responses modelled off the 2020 shutdown beforehand.
  • Work with Government to demonstrate that our industry is sensitive to the health issues and can be responsive and dynamic when required to keep the wheels turning.
  • Reinforce the fact that allGreenfieldcivil construction works are well suited to achieving social distancing requirements and warrant special consideration.
  • Have the opportunity to explain in a briefing why the measures introduced as part of the 5-day Circuit Breaker lockdown caused mass confusion amongst the industry (with our respective members unsure if works were required to stop) and that we are keen to work with the Premier’s office so this can be avoided in future.

CLICK HERE for more information about a joint media release today from CCF & UDIA, building on this submission to Government, which is self-explanatory.

I will continue to keep CCF members abreast of our advocacy efforts, for and on your behalf, in regards to this important industry matter.

Kind regards