Site Wide Testing Underway

Onsite coronavirus testing commenced on state government infrastructure sites on Tuesday 4 May at the Southern Program Alliance Level Crossing Removal Project at Cheltenham and the CYP Metro Tunnel Project at North Melbourne.

There is a doctor and 2 or more nurses conducting swab tests at each location. The Incolink Bus was on site at Cheltenham.

LXRP, Cheltenham
Metro Tunnel, North Melbourne

Media coverage was centred on the cluster of positive tests at an abattoir in Brooklyn over the weekend. Potentially, there are some learnings for our industry here to maintain our distancing and hygiene standards whilst onsite testing continues.

VBA Hotline

The VBA Hotline is starting to field queries directly related to the ability to travel to work and the onsite testing program. See picture below.

For further information, contact Michael Paynter (DHHS) on 0418 268 555 or email