Following agreement by the National Cabinet, all travellers returning from overseas to Victoria will be placed in enforced quarantine for a self-isolation period of 14-days to slow the spread of coronavirus.

While Victoria has seen some community transmission of this virus, most cases have been the result of travellers returning from overseas who then pass it onto their close contacts.

To ensure this no longer happens, National Cabinet has agreed that all states and territories will put in place enforced quarantine measures.

This will see returned travellers housed in hotels, motels, caravan parks, and student accommodation for their 14-day self-isolation period.

These measures will not only help slow the spread of coronavirus, they will also support hospitality workers who are facing significant challenges during this time.

The new measures will be operational from 11.59pm on Saturday 28 March, with the Victorian Government already securing 5000 hotel rooms.

We will try to accommodate returned travellers close to their homes, but in some instances that may not be possible. Each person will also receive self-isolation care packages of food and other essentials.

The costs of accommodation, public health and security will be covered by each individual jurisdiction, and there will be reciprocal arrangements in place to house the residents of other states and territories.

It has also been agreed that the Australian Defence Force will be engaged to support the implementation of these arrangements.

The Victorian Government is working closely with the Australian Hotels Association and other organisations so all returned travellers can be housed safely and securely.

As we take this extra step to slow the spread of coronavirus, our message to every other Victorian remains the same: Stay at home, protect our health system, save lives.

If you can stay home, you must stay home.

If you don’t, people will die.