Save time and money!

Before you start your works:

  • Contact Dial Before Your Dig
  • Use SEW Map – our free downloadable app which provides instant access to information on our assets.

SEWmap is downloadable on any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet and provides access to up-to-date GIS information and maps showing the locations of property, water, sewer and recycled water assets.

DBYD and SEW Map are considered the first step and all assets should be located using asset location services or hand dig.

What’s in it for you?

Reduce the angst and risk around impacting customer services and assets that may:

  • delay and cause disruption on site due to flooding and sewer spills
  • require time consuming and costly repairs
  • damage reputations
  • damage public and private property
  • initiate insurance claims and impact premiums

If you’d like to know more about locating our assets, visit 

If in doubt, call us on 9552 3770 for further information.

Stay tuned for further information and updates!