This week, CCF has participated in a series of Government briefings with DJPR representatives on the progress of our industry plan to end the current industry 2 week reset lockdown and a resumption of works next week.

From these discussions, it is clear that this plan has resonated with the Government and there is some clarity, but not certainty, about the detail of final Cabinet decisions and CHO Directions.  These are now expected to be finalised today with new Workplace and other Directions likely to take effect from 11.59pm this evening.  This is common practice for Government but as stated, it is yet to be confirmed.

Further to our CCF Member Alert yesterday and the recommendations in preparing for an end to the shut down of our industry next Tuesday, I can now provide the following recommendation with a high degree of confidence about the obligation to record Vaccination status. 

It is the intent that the Operator of a construction site (eg. the Head Contractor who has contractual possession of site) can fulfil the obligation to collect vaccination information of all persons by sighting and recording a Vaccination Attestation from each of its subcontractors, labour hire operators and other employers of transient workers such as crane crews, concrete pump operators etc. 

Under the Government Directive, the attestation supplied to the Operator of a construction site will need to include the following information for each person:

1: Name 

2: *Construction Induction Training (White) Card Number

3: *Vaccination Status ie:

  • First Dose
  • Second Dose
  • If no Doses, Date of Booking (at present) by 2 October, 2021
  • No Doses and No Booking
  • Medical Exemption #

4: *Evidence of Sighting (seen actual or digital)

  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Medicare App

4: Declaration of Person sighting evidence

5: *Dated

# note that Medical exemptions are expected to be rare and should be scrutinised carefully.

Further, there is a high degree of confidence that under the Workplace Directions, employers will be able to re-enter sites to make COVIDSafe preparations for resumption. This will include works to improve air flow and ventilation in amenities and meeting rooms and checking and identification of density limits in those areas. 

CCF repeats our earlier advice to ensure that COVID Marshals are identifiable and trained in infection control, prior to resumption next week.

Employers/Contractors WILL be required to make a declaration of COVID Safety compliance with a range of measures  (no surprises) prior to re-opening. The declaration is likely to include an undertaking to comply with Government Directions and Guidance, that you are willing to be audited and that you are making a true and correct declaration that is subject to penalties for providing false and misleading information and/or failure to comply with the Directions und the Public Health and Wellbeing Act.

I trust that this email gives CCF members (employers & contractors) sufficient information to move forward and take the recommended steps to prepare for resumption next week.

Further details regarding our roadmap to re-opening including greater mobility between Metropolitan and Regional worksites and increased workforce capacities with a range of enhanced COVIDSafe measures, is yet to be confirmed, but is anticipated.

CCF will continue to provide further information to members as announcements are made today by Government in regards to the resumption of works.