On Thursday 15th of September 2022 we announced our new mental health and wellbeing training program at a mental health forum in Geelong to conclude our Positive Plans Positive Futures project which is a prevention focused mental health initiative supported by Work Safe’s WorkWell mental health improvement fund. 

The training program will target mental health challenges specific to the civil construction industry. A key practical outcome of this training – which is being developed in collaboration with RMIT University and psychological safety and wellbeing experts – will be the development of a mental health action plan.

Now, more than ever our industry must work together to support each other and the mental health of our people.  Culture change is desperately needed if we are to improve mental health outcomes in civil construction. To drive REAL culture change we need different capabilities and mindsets. Through our work during Positive Plans Positive Futures we have developed a framework and training offering that we believe can help. 

We anticipate that the mental health and wellbeing training program will be launched over the coming months, with dates and details to be finalised soon.

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Incase you missed the Positive Plans – Positive Futures event see the wrap up here: https://www.ccfvic.com.au/thats-a-wrap-positive-plans-positive-futures/